Flaws in The Outer Worlds 2 are permanent negative effects and debuffs that the player can acquire throughout the game. Flaws can be thought of as debilitating conditions that affect the player character's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, akin to real-world conditions. Flaws can manifest in many different ways and once encountered, the player can choose to accept a Flaw in exchange for an additional Perk point or reject it. There is a limited number of Flaws the player can possess but once accepted, a Flaw cannot be erased. Some Flaws also trigger their effects when certain conditions are met such as proximity to an enemy type for the phobia-type Flaws. This page lists all the Flaws available in The Outer Worlds 2 and details their effects, as well as how they are acquired.


The Outer Worlds 2 Flaws

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