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The Official The Outer Worlds 2 Wiki is a compilation of guides and information for The Outer Worlds 2, a sequel to the acclaimed 2019 game The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment, known for the massively successful Fallout franchise. This Wiki contains everything you need to know from basic Combat Mechanics, Weapons, Armor, Skills, Perks, Companions, Quest Walkthroughs and much more. The Outer Worlds 2 is a community resource open for editing by anyone, featuring information useful for newcomers looking to learn the ropes, as well as genre veterans looking to share knowledge and tips for overcoming the challenges of the game.


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What is The Outer Worlds 2?

The Outer Worlds 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Outer Worlds, a single-player open world RPG, with first-person tactical shooter elements akin to the Fallout franchise. The original game was set in a distant alternate future where mega-corporations have dominated society and have begun colonizing space. You play the role of a colonist known as the Stranger, who awakens on a colonist ship that was lost in transit to Halcyon, the newest and furthest colony from Earth, where a conspiracy is brewing and threatening to destroy the galaxy. As the world's power-hungry factions vie for supremacy, the Stranger is thrust into action, with their choices determining the fate of Halcyon and its denizens. In the corporate equation for the colony, you are the unplanned variable.

The Outer Worlds 2 is set to retain many aspects  and systems from the original game, including its first-person tactical shooter-style gameplay, but will feature an all-new story, protagonist, cast of characters and will take place in an entirely new star system within the Outer Worlds universe. Expected to make a return are mechanics such as Attributes, Skills, Perks and Flaws, with special and unique Weapons and Armor, as well as a variety of Mods and Crafting. Other trademark aspects of the series are a single-player and story-driven narrative game, with many Quests and Factions to explore as you discover new alien species and uncover new plots. Important decision-making elements which affect the world, storyline outcomes and endings are also expected to make a return.


When was The Outer Worlds 2 announced?

The Outer Worlds 2 was announced on July 13, 2021 during the Xbox and Bethesda joint presentation at E3. The announcement was made with a very self-aware trailer that poked fun at the concept of videogame trailers, utilizing common cliches to effectively reveal that the game is in development — but not much else. The narrator humorously incorporates into the trailer that "the developers have not finished the design, finished the story, or finished any gameplay that's actually ready to show". As a sequel to The Outer Worlds, however, it's safe to say that The Outer Worlds 2 will follow in the footsteps of the original game, retaining its open world RPG/tactical shooter elements with an emphasis on a player-driven story. The game's official tagline revealed via Twitter and Obsidian's website states "New star system. New crew. Same Outer Worlds.", implying an entirely new story taking place in new locations within the same Outer Worlds universe.



The Outer Worlds 2 Release Info

outer worlds 2 wiki guide character creation builds tips

Release Date To Be Announced
Platforms Xbox Series X | S, Xbox Game Pass, Windows PC
Price To Be Announced
Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher Xbox Game Studios
Genre Single-Player Open World RPG


The Outer Worlds 2 PC System Requirements

Recommended Specs

  • OS: TBC
  • Directx Version: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Memory: TBC
  • Graphics Card: TBC
  • Storage: TBC

Minimum Specs

  • OS: TBC
  • Directx Version: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Memory: TBC
  • Graphics Card: TBC
  • Storage: TBC


The Outer Worlds 2 Wiki: Everything We Know About The Outer Worlds 2

The Outer Worlds 2 Key Features

New Star System. Same Outer Worlds.

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The Outer Worlds 2 leaves the original game's colony of Halcyon to explore new worlds in an entirely new star system within the Outer Worlds universe. Expect to discover new locales and colonies across multiple planets, each with their own inhabitants both human and alien, as well as their own stories and struggles which will tie into the game's narrative.

Player-Driven Story

outer worlds 2 wiki guide character creation builds tips

Keeping with Obsidian tradition, The Outer Worlds 2 will follow a player-driven RPG formula which featured prominently in the first game, allowing players to approach the game how they wish. Interactions and choices made will affect not only how the story develops, but also the world around the player, its inhabitants and their reactions to events unfolding in and around them.

First Person Shooter Combat

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The Outer Worlds 2 will likely retain many systems and mechanics from the original game, particularly its First-Person Tactical Shooter-style gameplay inspired by the Fallout franchise and similar titles. Expect to acquire tons of crazy new Weapons, Armor and other equipment, and wield incredible new abilities as you explore vast and dangerous new locations.

New Crew

Along with a new protagonist, The Outer Worlds 2 is expected to feature a new band of misfits that players can recruit to accompany them on their journey. In the original game, the companion system featured fully fleshed-out characters who not only served as combat aids, but also had their own personalities, quirks and their own goals, with their own storylines that players can decide to take part in. This feature is expected to make a return in the sequel, with all-new characters with their own specialties and their own part to play in the adventure.

More Features to be Announced

As it stands, not much has been revealed about The Outer Worlds 2. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

The Outer Worlds 2 FAQs

When is The Outer Worlds 2 releasing?

There is no scheduled release date for The Outer Worlds 2 just yet. As of May 2023, the game has been in development for roughly 2 years.

What Platforms will The Outer Worlds 2 be available on? Will it come to PlayStation?

The announcement trailer released in July 2021 revealed that The Outer Worlds 2 will be available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox Game Pass and Windows PC. With the acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment by Microsoft, absorbing the developers into their own Xbox Game Studios, it is unlikely that the game will release on other platforms, despite the original game being a multi-platform title. 

What type of game is The Outer Worlds 2?

Just like its predecessor, The Outer Worlds 2 is an open world RPG with first person tactical shooter elements, similar to the Fallout franchise which Obsidian Entertainment is known for. It will have a heavy emphasis on character building and interactions, as well as a narrative driven by player choice. The original game's combat revolved around first person gunplay using a myriad of ranged weapons, some of which were truly out of this world, and The Outer Worlds 2 is expected to follow in this tradition. The original game also involved a lot of humor and quirkiness, similar to the Borderlands series of games, and while nothing has been revealed about the game's story just yet, it is likely that it will take on a similar tone to its predecessor.

Will The Outer Worlds 2 have multiple Planets to explore?

The original The Outer Worlds had players trekking across multiple planets within the Halcyon star system, the furthest colony from Earth. The official tagline for The Outer Worlds 2 states that it will take place in an entirely new star system. It is currently unknown how many planets this star system contains or if players will be able to revisit Halcyon or any other star systems throughout the galaxy.

What type of Weapons will The Outer Worlds 2 have?

The original The Outer Worlds featured a plethora of futuristic ranged weaponry. Many were traditional handguns, shotguns and rifles with space-age functionality. Some had more over-the-top whacky effects such as a gun that shot goop that could levitate targets, a shrink ray that had hilariously devastating effects on local wildlife and a rifle that outright had mind-control abilities. Players also had access to melee weapons for getting up close and personal, as well as mods that can enhance their equipment with varying effects. The Outer Worlds 2 is expected to feature similar weapons systems as the original, but it is likely that we will see some crazier instruments for weaving destruction across the galaxy.

Will Companions make a return in The Outer Worlds 2?

The Companion mechanic was a popular and integral part of the original The Outer Worlds. Companions were a cast of fully fleshed-out characters that the protagonist could recruit into their cause, accompanying them on their journey. Companions not only provided valuable aid in combat, but they also had their own personalities and quirks, goals and storylines that players could choose to invest in. The official tagline for The Outer Worlds 2 states that it will have a "new crew", implying that the new protagonist will come across a band of misfits that will join them on their adventure, allowing for new storylines to unfold and possibly new Companion mechanics to further enrich the gameplay.

Will there be Factions in The Outer Worlds 2?

Factions featured prominently in the original The Outer Worlds, forming groups of individuals with aligned interests and goals that players could gain favor with or outwardly oppose depending on their actions. Earning reputation with certain factions allowed players to take on certain missions, unlock unique rewards, and unlock certain branches of storylines. Factions in the original game were comprised of varying colonist groups, weapons manufacturers and researchers, religious philosophers, as well as the mega-corporations that dominated society. The official tagline for The Outer Worlds 2 states "Same Outer Worlds." confirming that the sequel takes place in the same Outer Worlds universe as the first. It is possible that many of the first game's factions still exist and have reach and influence all throughout the deep space, including the new star system the game takes place in. Factions are a common feature of story-driven RPGs and are expected to return in this sequel.

Will The Outer Worlds 2 feature multiple endings?

While nothing has been confirmed, basing off of the original game and the RPG elements present throughout, it is safe to say that The Outer Worlds 2 will continue to present the player with multiple choices through its many storylines, tasking them with making meaningful decisions that will impact the characters, events and world around them. Whether these factors lead to multiple different conclusions or not is unknown but is very likely.

Will The Outer Worlds 2 feature Multiplayer?

The original The Outer Worlds was a purely single-player game with a heavy focus on player-driven narrative. While unconfirmed, it is very likely that The Outer Worlds 2 will remain a single-player experience. However, this does not mean that you need to travel alone. As stated above, the Companion mechanic is expected to make a return, bringing with it a new cast of NPCs that you can recruit to your cause and bring along on your adventures. The original game's Companions had their own personalities which affected how they reacted to the player's choices and decisions, leading to many interesting interactions. That's not to say that multiplayer will not appear in The Outer Worlds 2 in one form or another, but all signs point toward a strong single-player focus.


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